2009-2014 CJAA/CBEA A3/Golf/Jetta/Bug Delete Kit


Complete Delete Kit for 2009 to 2014 CJAA and CBEA


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The downpipe in this kit is 2.5 Or 3.0 inch and is made with 316L stainless steel with Vibrant Performance flex’s and bung’s orbital Tig welded with CNC V-band flange and it’s made in Canada. This kit is a 100% bolt on no modifying pipes or cutting.

This Kit also comes with a Stevenson Tuner and a Eco Delete Tune (Upgrade to stage 1/2 for a small fee) as well as a EGR Block off.

Removes EGR/DPF/SCR/Exhaust-Flap. Tuning comes with the base kit.

30/42 EPA-rated MPG
Stock 140HP 236Lb-Ft
Eco Delete +20HP +40tq (Base Delete tune only for deleted cars)
Stage 1 +30hp +65tq (DSG Tuning is not needed we limit spikes in TQ)
Stage 2 +55hp +95tq (CR170/Hybrid upgraded clutch or DSG tuning is required for maximum results )
Stage 3 (results vary) (CP3 Pump GTB Based Hybrid, VCDS for logging is needed
Smoke Tune will be an added tune to the Powergatev3+ so you can pick what tune to run
Before ordering stage 3 custom or for Immobilizer delete and swaps please email us jeff@stevensontuning.com

Readiness monitors (This will set all monitors to pass/ready even with a delete this is useful for people that want it to show ready for off road use)
Hard Cut limit (This is a hardcut set at 4550 RPM or any other RPM to give a pop and bang sound this is for deleted people only)
Smoke Tune (This is a smoke tune that will give lots of black smoke for them track days when you are off road this is for deleted people only)

DSG Tuning Via Powergate

Stage 1 DSG Tune

This DSG tune is suitable Stage 2 ECU Tunes.
Torque limits increase matched to ECU outputs
Increased maximum RPM limit/shift point
Faster gear shift times

Stage 2 DSG Tune

This DSG tune is suitable for Stage 2 and Stage 3 ECU Tunes. Suited for people who would like the gear changes a little more aggressive (not changing up so quickly)
Torque limits increase matched to ECU outputs
Increased maximum RPM limit/shift point
Faster gear shift times
Optimized gearshift RPM points in Drive and Sport mode


Our DPF Delete Pipes are supplied with only a Lambda Sensor Bung The Pre-Turbo EGT Bung is located in the Exhaust Manifold on the Turbocharger. All other EGT and Pressure Sensors are not required when removing the DPF, leaving them in the downpipe can eventually lead to sensor failure, creating a fault in the ECU and possibly a Check Engine Light in the Instrument Cluster. With the correct DPF Delete Software, these sensors are removed entirely so they can be unplugged and removed from the car.
Stevenson Tuning Ltd accepts no responsibility for the use of this part on the public highway where removal of emissions controls is prohibited. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they comply with rules and laws relating to their home country